GoTune App Clip for Tuning
GoTune App Clip for Tuning
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GoTune AppClip - isolates your instrument and lets you tune faster
The GoTune AppClip(tm) is perfect for tuning in noisy environments or times where absolute accuracy is required. It's easy to use - simply clip the AppClip onto your instrument, plug it into your SmartPhone, and fire up your favorite tuning app. The AppClip isolates the vibrations of your instrument, and processes them into the best possible format for your phone or tablet.
The GoTune AppClip works with all popular tuning Apps such as: Martin Guitar Tuner, Tonal Energy, Clear tune, Tunable, ProTuner, Guitar Tuna, insTuner, String Tuner, Coach Tuner, n-Track Tuner, and many more!

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