Intellitouch PT10s Strobe Clip-On Tuner
Intellitouch PT10s Strobe Clip-On Tuner
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IIntellitouch PT10s Strobe Clip-On Tuner
Using EasyStrobe(tm) technology, the Intellitouch PT10s combines the ease of a needle-display tuner with the deadly accuracy of a strobe tuner. The user can select a traditional needle display, or the new EasyStrobe(tm) display. When in strobe mode, the backlight changes from red to green when the note is close enough for most people, providing a fast tune-up when you're on the stage. The strobe continues to move until the note measures an exact pitch - for those studio days when you have time to dial your instrument to perfection.
While Intellitouch Tuners have always been known for their tuning precision, an extra dimension has been added with a patented precision digital clock incorporated into the PT10s Tuner. This feature allows a musician to discreetly check the time during a gig or lesson.

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