Herdim Thickness Calibration Jig
Herdim Thickness Calibration Jig
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This Thickness Calibration Jig -  A precise thicknessing of both plates is an important and also time-consuming operation. Using the Herdim thickness calibration jig, the perfection of the operation is greatly enhanced, while the labor time significantly reduced. The desired thickness is easily adjusted and controlled by the digital indicator. The Dremel router makes a precise thickness mark on the selected spot. The spots will form a compact network and working then with plane and scraper the remaining adjacent material can be precisely removed. Easy and safe one-hand operation, with the jig firm-clamped in the workbench vise.
Maximum routing depth 10 mm, max adjustable thickness 12 mm, depth 220 mm.
The Dremel Multipro Tool (T-2440)  and purfling router bit are not included.   Use for Violin, Viola or Cello!
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