Constructing A 5 String Banjo

Code: BK155

By Roger Siminoff. Simple and concise step-by-step instructions. Over 200 photos and illustrations. 64 pages. Roger's simple and concise step-by-step instructions show you the how and the why of it all, leading you on a path that blends discovery with pure joy. Over 200 photos and illustrations provide the kind of valuable reference no other book in the field can offer. Roger has used his technical knowledge on design, sound, and all of the important stages of construction that go into the building of a musical instrument and has incorporated these ideas into one text. The end result is this valuable book of information that will help you to learn more about the makeup of a Five String Banjo, and more importantly, will give you the satisfaction and pride in being able to accomplish the building of a banjo that you can play and enjoy for years to come.
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