Hidersine Violin Rosin, Deluxe, Dark

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Considered by many as the Deluxe option, Hidersine Rosin is a Premium Dark Rosin offering superior levels of grip and articulation. Chosen by a host of professional musicians, Hidersine strikes a fantastic balance between grip and subtlety of expression. The core of the rosin offers enviable levels of grip (Grip Profile Rating: GPR#6) and good levels of attack, the slightly softer makeup also allows for a little more articulation. Based on one of Francis Hider’s most famed historic recipes, Hidersine Deluxe rosin is noticeably different to the competition, and offers you, the player, a genuine tonal choice. This Hidersine Rosin is made in England, United Kingdom in the same way as always: An Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.
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Instrument: Violin

Type: Dark / Soft

Suitable for: More Advanced Players. Grade 6+

Sound Characteristic: Rich and Articulate.

Grip Profile Rating (1: Low Grip/ 10: High Grip)GPR #6

Temperature Profile: Temperate to Colder Climates

Primary constituents: Colophony, Natural Waxes

Cake Size: Large

Cake Weight: 30g (approx)

Country of Origin: England, United Kingdom

Manufacture processHistoric / Artisanal (Hand-mixed, Hand-poured)

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