Glasser Braided Carbon Fibre Violin Bow, Octagon Stick

Code: 6/9

VIOLIN BOW BRAIDED CARBON FIBER OCTAGONAL, FULLY LINED EBONY FROG, NICKEL WIRE GRIP & TIP. Glasser Braided Carbon Fiber bows represent the latest in bow technology. These patented bows are the ideal choice for expert musicians. They offer exceptional performance and are highly responsive.

Unlike standard composite bows which are hollow, these bows have a solid core to give them an even feel and balance. We use a natural finish to showcase the aesthetic beauty of this bow's interwoven design. Our nickel mounted Braided Carbon Fiber bows feature deluxe German-made ebony Paulus frogs with the highest quality goldfish abalone pearl slides, large eyes, nickel-silver tip, and are available either in a round or octagonal sticks. 4/4 SIZE

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