Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax/Polish, 200 ml.

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Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax Polish 200ml. - Makers/restorers of Violins, Violas, Cellos and Guitars use Renaissance Wax® to protect the varnish from players’ natural acid contact and the sticky powdery residue of rosin on bow hair. Renaissance wax does not yellow with age. It remains glass-clear and produces a soft-sheen rather than a high gloss on the surface it is applied to, bringing out the natural beauty of that surface. It should be applied sparingly and in thin coats and gently buff while it is still soft! If the violin is a collector's item that is not being used, then 1-2 coats will be adequate whilst extra coats are advisable on an item being handled and used. Applying subsequent layers does not remove the previous layer of wax.
The British Violin Makers Association, many museums and other top professionals around the world recommend the wax for preservation. You can easily remove the wax with mineral spirits which is the solvent used to manufacture the wax.
This extra-ordinary wax/polish is also used to restore, refresh and protect your antiques, cutlery, furniture, precious metals, armory, collectibles, art, photography and much, much more. It’s uses are endless. The #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide.
Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax Polish was originally designed for restoration professionals and long term protection of museum exhibits, but its microcrystalline structure, which gives it a very high resistance against moisture and corrosion, its neutral pH which does not damage ancient finishes, along with its amazing versatility on wood, marble, leather, firearms, weapons and armors, statues and monuments, auto body, steel, brass and copper tools, ancient photographs, etc. make it an extremely interesting product for numerous applications.
For use by professional luthiers and restorers.
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