Violin Making and Repairs for the Novice by David S. Lashof

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Violin Making and Repairs for the Novice - Notes from the Bench by David S. Lashof The title says "for the novice" but the information in this well written book is very advanced but written in a way that is very practical! This book covers so much information from making to restoring.OVER 300 pages, 54 chaptersand multiple appendixes gives you step-by-step instruction. Building the Violin, Varnish, bow repair and rehair, Set-Up and adjustment, repairs such as top removal, bass bar, edging, crack repair, bushings, neck angle, button graft,fingerboard, French polish, plaster molds, soundpost patches, touch up, shims, doubling, cleaning and so much more!. This books also has a great reference of tools needed, measurements, patterns and templates, and materials needed. Paperback with easy to use Spiral bound.
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