The Best of Trade Secrets Book 6, by The Strad

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New- This latest collection brings together 35 of the most recent articles, drawn from the Strad magazine’s pages since the pandemic year of 2020.
The Covid-19 emergency was a difficult time for luthiers, with most businesses across the globe suffering in some way. However, it was amazing to see so many people using their lockdown time to develop new ideas, finish off their pet projects and work out new solutions to old problems – many of which have since appeared in Trade Secrets. It’s also heartening that this current volume, The Best of Trade Secrets 6, contains articles by a plethora of new contributors, along with several names familiar to readers, such as Nicolas Gilles, Shem Mackey and Davide Sora. The ideas displayed within these 120 pages are a testament to the creativity, ingenuity and imagination of today’s instrument and bow makers – and long may that continue.
Instrument makers: Davide Sora, Shem Mackey, Rudolf Pilsel, Don Leister, Fany Bourel, Trevor Davis, Maurizio Tadioli, Sebastian Ribes/Marianne Jost, Christopher White, Nicolas Gilles, Milena Noventa, Pablo Alfaro, Renate Fink, Andreas Preuss, Matthew Tucker, Mark Schnurr, Georgi Nikolov, Guillaume Schönau, Greg Sapp, Stefan Krattenmacher. Sarah Peck, Michael Daddona, Pablo Soriano, Atilla Okan, Michael Doran, Robin Jousson, Philip Ihle/Victoria Farrell-Reed, Stephen Quinney
Bow makers: Eric Lane, Éric Gagné, Iris Zhulla, Erich Perrotta, Lauri Tanner.
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