In Focus 2, by The Strad.

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The Strad 's second compilation of fascinating articles, written within the last 5 years, brings together fine instruments by some of the world's greatest instrument experts. In this new anthology, every instrument has been given three pages to include more close-up photographs, archings, angles and tiny details.Makers such as Antonio Stradivari and Guarneri 'del Gesù' rub shoulders with lesser-known names such as Alfredo del Lungo, David Stirrat and Willem van der Sijde, with each article including biographical details as well as points of interest regarding the instrument's form and construction. In Focus 2 features high-quality photographs for every featured instrument - front, back and scroll - and will provide inspiration for today's makers or anyone who enjoys the beauty and variety of stringed instruments. It is a must for every luthier's library. In Focus 2 is published in a soft-back cover.
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