The 2024 STRAD Calendar, Fulton Collection

Code: C2024

American collector David L. Fulton amassed one of the 20th century’s finest collections of stringed instruments. This year’s calendar pays tribute to some of these priceless treasures, including Yehudi Menuhin’s celebrated ‘Lord Wilton’ Guarneri, the Carlo Bergonzi once played by Fritz Kreisler, and four instruments by Antonio Stradivari.
The twelve instruments for 2024 are:
c.1580 Gasparo da Salò viola
1676 ‘Conte Vitale’ Andrea Guarneri viola
1698 ‘Shapiro’ Pietro Guarneri of Mantua violin
1709 ‘La Pucelle’ Antonio Stradivari violin
1713 ‘Bass of Spain’ Antonio Stradivari cello
1715 ‘Baron Knoop’ Antonio Stradivari violin
1733 ‘Sassoon’ Antonio Stradivari violin
1737 ‘Panette’ Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin
1737 ‘King Joseph’ Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin
1739 ‘Beatrice Harrison’ Pietro Guarneri of Venice cello
c.1740 ‘Fritz Kreisler’ Carlo Bergonzi violin
1742 ‘Lord Wilton’ Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin
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