New Harm. Carbon Cello Endpin Rod, Carbide Tip, 8mm

Code: 36707

New Harmony Solid Carbon Fiber 8mm Endpin Rod with Removable Carbide Tip. Rubber Cap is included. Carbide tips stay sharp. 8mm diameter rods are Ideal for Cello
Weight--a cello's standard 20-inch, 8 mm steel end pin weighs 201 grams. In comparison, this carbon fiber 20-inch end pin weighs a mere 42 grams. That is a 79 percent difference! End pins absorb energy generated by bowing, and it is logical that a heavy steel end pin will absorb more energy than a carbon fiber end pin. We believe that a carbon fiber end pin does have a positive effect on the sound produced by a cello and double bass. However, sound is subjective, and only scientific research could measure positive and any negative effects for each individual string instrument.
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