W.E. Hill Peg Paste Compound

Code: 10280

W. E. Hill & Sons Peg Paste Compound. This special peg paste from W. E. Hill & Sons is a composition to ease sticking pegs. For decades, W. E. Hill Peg Paste has been the industry-standard solution, used to help the pegs turn smoothly and stay in place without slipping.
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To Apply
Once the tuning peg is removed from the scroll and cleaned, remove peg paste from tube, peel back foil as required. Apply the peg paste sparingly to the length of the tuning peg - a small amount goes a long way.

Reinsert the pegs into the pegbox, tuning them gently as you push them in, to evenly distribute the peg paste inside the peg holes. Turn each peg slowly to ensure that they move smoothly without sticking. If necessary, you can adjust the amount of paste or wipe off any excess.

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