Magnetic Thickness Caliper, 1-7mm

Code: T9606

This unique tool allows thickness measurements of stringed instruments to be made without disassembly. The small counter-magnet is passed through the instruments f-hole and follows the gauge around every edge and curve, allowing the exact thickness to be measured at any place on the body. Accurate to within 0.1 mm, calibrated for making measurements while holding the gauge in a vertical position. Quick and easy to use, with no risk of damaging even the most sensitive varnishes. Ideal for the study of old instruments, locating old crack repairs, making sound adjustments, etc. Comes in a protective case. Magnet with rounded surface for high precision spot measurements also on concave surfaces. Measure range 1-7mm, does not measure less than 1mm or more than 7mm.. Ideal for Violin, Viola, mandolin, Cello, Lute and Guitar.
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