Solacure UV Kit to Cure/Dry Varnish

Code: T992

Solacure UV Kit will help Cure/Dry your varnish but it will also do much more. These special bulbs (lamps) are self reflecting and provide the perfect type of UV to cure/dry your varnish. The special Solacure SG-1 series bulb lamp will accelerate the UV oxidation which gives your instrument in the white (or bridges) a tan color as if it has sat in the sun for months - yet it takes less than a week. Like all SG bulbs (lamps), the SG-1-40 has a built in reflector. By putting in a special reflective coating INSIDE the bulb , we can reflect the UV back to the project, before it even has a chance to pass through the glass. The result is up to 50% more UV output on your project. Add that to the superior output and patented technology inside, and you have twice the functional power when compared to any ordinary UV bulb lamp. The Solacure SG-1 Bulb is patented, tested and proven. The special WH7 Ballast creates less heat and helps the lamps last longer. Using a humidifier helps to avoid drying out your wood too fast. Kit Includes: Four Solacure SG-1-40 Self Reflecting lamps (bulbs) (4 foot long, 1.5" thick) One WH7 ballast 8 flush mount lamp holders (shunted) Spare wire to chain lamp ends. Please Note: Shipping on this product is considered oversized and ranges depending on final destinatioin up to approximately $40.00. International Shipping will vary. *For larger instruments you may choose to have more UV lamps. Additional Lamps (bulbs) are available by request in groups of 4 lamps due to the fragile nature and shipping costs of the lamps. 4 additional 4 foot lamps will cost $170.00. (ballast not included) Item number T993.
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