Purfling Channel Routing Jig

Code: T2430

Attach to your Dremel to cut purfling channels and soundhole rosettes. Machined aluminum attachment for cutting purfling channels along the edge of a profiled, unglued violin plate; an unglued fingerboard; or for rosette channels around a guitar soundhole (round or oval). It guides the cutter bitalong tight curves and helps maintain constant routing distance from the edge. Simply unscrew the plastic collar from your Dremeltool, screw the tool into the guide, and set the depth of cut with the tool's chuck. The cutting distance from the edge is adjustable. The guide is easy to handle and gives a good view of the work. Base of the tool is 2-3/8" x 1" (60.32mm x 25.40mm) Sliding platform is 4-1/8" x 1" (104.77mm x 25.40mm) Overall height is 2" (50.80mm), plus thumbscrew The cutting distance from the edge can be adjusted up to approximately 1" (25.40mm).
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